Counselling and Behaviour Specialists

"The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."
-Esther Perel-

Our Services

Who We Are

We have a range of specialists who provide unique and contemporary counselling and behavioural support services.

Our team of practitioners are highly qualified family therapists and social workers, are experienced working with highly complex families and individuals with multiple needs.

We also have resident therapy dogs to support you through your journey.

Young parents with their little children enjoying in family camping.


What We Do

Franki.b counselling and behaviour specialists provide therapeutic services that empowers people to take a fresh look at their relationships and how they manage life. We aim to equip people with the knowledge and skills to be the best version of them self.

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Get regular therapeutic help when and where you are.


Access to highly-trained and experienced practitioners.


Your privacy and well-being is our priority, we offer a discreet and totally confidential service.


Our therapeutic approach is developed to suit your needs, based on the latest research and practice.


We work with individuals, couples and families throughout lifes journey so you don’t have to keep re-telling your story.

Our Values

  • We respect and value everyones contribution
  • We don’t judge, we embrace diversity
  • We understand life is a journey and we are committed to supporting our clients throughout their journey.